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Stockport Council Agrees Plans For Bramhall Village Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's - This Is Bramhall

Stockport Council have agreed plans to let Sainsbury’s open a new store in Bramhall village centre.  The retailing giant will open a Sainsbury’s Local store where the Co-Op shop has been operating until now.  The unit, inside the soon-to-be revamped Village Square, will be opening its doors after the lease has ended for the Co-Op and should hopefully be up and running by mid-April.

The Bramhall Sainsbury’s Local is set to have opening hours from as early as 7am and until as late as 11pm, all of which will bring in extra money to the economy.  It should also, subsequently, generate extra business for existing stores, especially those that already open during those early morning and late night hours.

Paul Wrigglesworth, associate director of HIMOR Group which owns the Village Square has stated that the new Sainsbury’s store in Bramhall’s village “will significantly enhance the retail area and, importantly, provide local employment.”  He goes on to say, “It will support the vibrancy of the local shopping area, helping to retain and add footfall in the square.”

The latter should be especially exciting for those with business inside the precinct as well as those around the village.  The current Co-Op store is looking very tired so a fresh new store will uplift shoppers and retailers alike.

It’s exciting to see so many improvements taking place within the area, and it seems as though Bramhall residents will have even more to shout about soon.

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