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Bramhall Village Square Gets Facelift

Village Square Bramhall - This Is Bramhall

Celebration times ahead for local Bramhall businesses and residents as HIMOR start work on giving The Village Square a much needed facelift. 

The precinct area has become a tad tired looking over the years and is quite at odds with the reputation of Bramhall as an affluent suburb of Stockport, Manchester.  You only need look around at the businesses that inhabit Bramhall’s village centre to see that it’s a place of refinement, yet the first impression created by the central square wasn’t hugely enticing.  Now, however, all that’s about to change.

Work has been under way to change the colour scheme, improve the lighting, remodel the entrances and refresh the sheltering canopies.  Once all the work has been completed, local business and shoppers should enjoy the uplifting sight that will greet them in the village centre.  The revamp will of course benefit all, including improving the view for traders and shoppers using the retail units that face the precinct, as well.

For those based inside the square, such as the lovely clothing boutique, Modiste Designs, the improved look should hopefully lure more people into the small shopping centre, and increase business sales, all of which will help sustain Bramhall’s local economy.  It also wouldn’t be surprising to see the local business community use the Village Square facelift as a launching pad for continued improvements across the village centre, even if those businesses are on adjacent roads.

Stockport constitutes the biggest hub of business activity in the city of Manchester and Bramhall looks set to prove that it’s going to be a central part of the borough’s continued growth.

For more information about Manchester’s amazing opportunity for business and economic growth, take a look at these glowing stats.

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